Albion Online Has A Character Builder For Future Equipment Builds


How do you want to develop your hero in Albion Online? What equipment should he wear? With what others are running around like this? Answers to all the questions are given by the Character Builder. Albion Online, Sandbox-MMORPG by the developer and publisher Sandbox Interactive, has been released for over a week now. Unlike most other MMO genres, this game […]

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MU Legend & Jesper Kyd Interview: Three Compositions Were Released By Webzen

MU Legend

Three compositions of the upcoming MMORPG soundtrack for MU Legend were released by Webzen, as a global pioneer in developing and publishing free-to-play games. At this time, Webzen has teamed up with word renowned musician and composer of video game music Jesper Kyd to produce the music of MU Legend. For the MU Legend soundtrack, Jesper Kyd obviously was inspired […]

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