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A Face Roster Update to NBA 2K17 Game


As the NBA 2K17 reported, the game recently added a roster update that included a new face. Earl Watson, who serving as the Phoenix Suns’ head coach, has been contained in game and the facial scan looks accurate to his real life counterpart. The NBA 2K17 games have notoriously struggled with online play functionality in the past. It would be a […]

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Relationship Between NBA 2K17 and USA In 2016

USA team

2K has announced more details about the game, like the relationship between NBA 2K17 and US Teams this year. Today 2K announced its partnership with USA Basketball, which will mean the inclusion in NBA 2K17 male United States men’s national basketball team 2016 to complete, including coach Mike Krzyzewski. In addition, fans who book NBA 2K17, the next installment in […]

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NBA 2K17’s New Mode Develops Gaming Experience

nba 2k17

The expansion features for the upcoming NBA 2K17 have been considerably responding to the players strategy. According to The Source, gamers of MyGM and MyLeague can now create new teams through the expansion features. This will specifically allow players to expand the leagues up to 36 teams. Hence, gamers may choose if they want to play with the standard 30 NBA […]

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The 5 Most Entertaining Teams in 2K17


The September 20th is a little less than two months. Or to say different: about eight weeks. Then we will have in our hands the fresh, brand new, revamped NBA 2K17! New game, improved graphics, new features and above all updated roster. Which teams are looking forward to play? THE TOP-5 OF PICKANDROLL.GR 5. CHICAGO BULLS The Rose is the […]

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NBA 2K17: A US Olympics Team New In Game

US Olympics Team

Since Paul George was announced as NBA 2K17’s cover athlete, fans have focused on a small but key cover detail: one of the pictures of Paul George features him in his Team USA uniform. While this might be easily dismissed by casual players of the game, some hardcore fans have noticed that the NBA 2K17 game cover features Paul in […]

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