Monthly Archives: November 2016

Albion Oline And Elaine Latest Update

In this summer, in accordance to the launch of the Beta Final, as the first of the most important game update in terms of content, Elaine fully deserve. Apart from numerous bugs that have been addressed. A new biome of Highlands have already appeared, in there, along with a lush nature, new dangers as well as formidable creatures. Most players […]

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Light and dark Symphony “Revelation Online” new appearance gorgeous debut

No bound 3D fantasy masterpiece “days encyclical” fashion, has always been the focus of encyclical tyrants are concerned, 4K high-definition picture quality with PBR rendering technology, showing a perfect color texture materials. The new appearance of light and shadow fashion, but also to show this feature most vividly, the perfect blend of light and dark, the formation of highly impact […]

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NBA 2K17 Announced Exciting Integration With Fitbit

NBA 2K17 announced that there are an exciting integration with makers of the Fitbit wearable activity tracker allows players to redeem their tracked steps in-game, and regular workouts will produce a powered-up team that’s ready for the NBA Finals. The all-new NBA 2K17 feature is aimed at players who take 10,000 Fitbit-tracked steps on a daily basis. Players who meet […]

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