A Face Roster Update to NBA 2K17 Game

As the NBA 2K17 reported, the game recently added a roster update that included a new face. Earl Watson, who serving as the Phoenix Suns’ head coach, has been contained in game and the facial scan looks accurate to his real life counterpart.


The NBA 2K17 games have notoriously struggled with online play functionality in the past. It would be a complete killjoy if similar problems hampered StreamCast. That said, streaming and on-demand video shouldn’t create the same types of issues as online play.

This one may seem minor, but floaters are absolutely broken in NBA 2K17; if Stephen Curry or Russell Westbrook gets a floater in the air, there’s no doubt it’s going in regardless of how much defense you play — not to mention it’s way too easy for the CPU to pull off floaters on you. Whether it’s Tony Parker or Raymond Felton, as soon as you see the ball go up in the air as a floater, you know you just gave up two points. Too often, I’ve been burnt by an average point guard getting a floater in when he’s getting double teamed and my only desire, NBA 2K17, is for this to be fixed.

This is similar to the update last month which added Tyronn Lue as the head coach of the Cleveland Cavaliers after they fired David Blatt unceremoniously after the team suffered a big loss to the Golden State Warriors. Not to mention the Cavaliers lost to the same team in last year’s NBA Finals. 2k Sports releases a basketball simulation game every year which is developed in co-ordination with Visual Concepts. The next game NBA 2k17 will also simulate the NBA players and the game with real life modes and matches. There is always a space for creativity with installation of modes like MyCareer, MyTeam, and normal game ups.

This is a pretty cool promotion and celebration of Curry’s unprecedented, unanimous MVP. He’s just the 11th player in NBA history to win back-to-back MVP awards, and as Under Armour’s prized sponsored athlete, it makes sense for them to make such a push to celebrate him in a clever way. Boomers player Patty Mills is excited about the inclusion. In our previous report.

NBA fans should expect major gameplay and graphic upgrade for the upcoming NBA2K17! According to the motion capture stage manager. Anthony Tominia, he said “the markers describe the athletes’ bone lengths for us, then also give the rotation of those bones. It’s great to see NBA 2K17 recognizing our nation’s growing impact on the sport with the inclusion of Team Australia in NBA 2K17.

It isn’t clear why The Boomers were the first national team outside the US to get the NBA 2K17 treatment; we have reached out to NBA 2K17 and Basketball Australia for further comment.

Since it reported the release date is Sept. 16, NBA 2K17 will be the second-earliest an NBA licensed game has ever released. Paul George is on the cover of the standard edition and Kobe Bryant is celebrated with the Legend Edition.

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