Alternative Verdict Of FIFA 15

Contrast to being the best-selling game in the UK last year, the response to FIFA 15 in this week’s WeView was dim and doom, with only several responses to choose from.

The verdict? It’s not as good as you expect, it seems that many people were underwhelmed by the offerings of this year’s instalment in the football series, so let’s get on with it.

FIFA Pro Clubs-absent from the last generation version was the only redeeming factor for Just Taylor Now: “it’s not perfect but it’s brilliant, it keeps me coming back.” Taylor didn’t see any improvements over FIFA 14 though, with some glaring issues returning.

“I think the movement of the ball is the biggest difference compared to FIFA 14″ said double-o-dave – as it should be, ball momentum is definitely something they tried to improve with this instalment. Unfortunately, the new animations “look a bit rushed and unfinished” which makes the visuals seem almost like a “leap backwards”.

So, it’s a bit of an underwhelming verdict for FIFA 15, and given how much people discussed the brilliance of PES, it looks like we’ll have to add that to the poll and see how it fares. We’ve updated the poll below so you can get choosing next week’s title, and we’ve got Surgeon Simulator coming up tomorrow.

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