Best Future-Proof Teams in Madden 17

You can win easily if you join in a good team, they always could create a tacit and good interworking in these teams, then I will introduce several best Future-Proof teams in Madden 17, they are Oakland Raiders, Dallas Cowboys and Kansas City Chiefs.
Oakland Raiders
This team has shown significant improvements for the past couple of years. Featuring a game-winning defense and an experienced QB, Oakland Raiders are not to be trifled with. The team still lacks a decent running back and are in bad shape for winning right now. However, if you can find a playmaker HB or TE, you are definitely good to go.
Dallas Cowboys
This team has phenomenal passing game, but fall apart against good air defense. Dallas Cowboys can benefit from the running backs and an HB with high awareness and the ability to break tackles. Work on these minor flaws and you have a championship winning team at your disposal.
Kansas City Chiefs
The team’s defense has shown remarkable improvement over the past couple of years. With a good HB and experienced WRs at its disposal, Kansas City Chiefs are looking better than ever! If you are looking to go with it, you must find someone to protect the QB.
So you can consider which team you need to build or join in after understand the benefits of these teams, you can win more if you could practice more and more after grasp the skills.
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