Better Experience FIFA 15 on Your Mobile Phone

Have you experience FIFA 15 on your smartphone and do you know there are lots of interesting tasks on the go? While you just can’t get enough of your ultimate team and playing the game on your favorite console or PC, it is also mandatory to make use of the companion app that the developers have revealed.

Better Experience FIFA 15 on Your Mobile Phone

There are many new modes and the smartphone application will allow you to control your team, choose players and organize them for the upcoming matches. All the changes will be saved online, so that you can go back to your game and play it in your favorite platform without hiccups.


Quick Simulation


One of the most frequently wanted feature on the mobile platform is the Quick Simulation which is now available for you. Players will now be able to control their favorite player and teams on FIFA 15, with the convenience of their phone or tablet. You can do everything with the comfort of your handheld device, on the go, which makes it more interesting and gives you a slew of customization options like never before.


Using the feature, you can choose how your ultimate team players, their ambition, mental state and be a professional manager, who would guide them to victory. You can also see the player’s performance level and make changes to their position or play on the go.


Buying and Selling players


With the FIFA 15 companion app which is available on your iOS, Android and Windows phone platforms, you will be able to find the best players who are available in the market. Their current pricing will be revealed and you can also choose to buy or sell the ones use the fifa 15 coins that you think would be a good decision for the team as a whole.


Compared to the past games, the Ultimate Team concept has become really popular among players because it allows them to build and bring their dream team to life. Now, you can control and make decisions using your mobile device which makes it much easier to be in touch with your favourite players wherever you go.


The app also allows you to purchase new packs besides being updated on the latest news and notifications. You will be able to know more about latest player performance and EA also plans to upgrade player statistics based on their current real world performance. Get the companion app on your tablet or phone to experience something FIFA 15 in a more engaging manner.