Botafogo Will Not Be Present In FIFA 16

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Botafogo will be another Brazilian clubs that not be present in FIFA 16, they unveiled the carioca club by a press release published Friday, lamenting the fact and ensuring that it is a “unilateral decision last minute “from Electronic Arts, the game’s producer.


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Botafogo thus joins the list of Brazilian clubs left out of the next installment in the FIFA series, and will be “exclusive” Konami and PES 2016.

Corinthians decided not to sign with EA due to a monetary issue, accepting the offer of Konami which was twenty times more than the supply of Electronic Arts.

Meanwhile Goias club players were those who did not accept assign its rights to the Canadian developer although the club was interested in appearing in the game. Finally the club Sport Recife also confirmed that FIFA would not be 16 but chose not to reveal the reasons for this decision.

Here the press release published by the Botafogo club:

  • The Botafogo de Futebol e Regatas clarifies their fans who will not be present in the video game FIFA 16, by unilateral decision last minute and Electronic Arts. Even after months of negotiations, the company opted to skip the club, who regrets this strange conclusion.
  • Negotiations began five months ago, with Botafogo fulfilling all stages of the bureaucratic process, such as sending individual signature of all players in the cast. However, this week, the club received with surprise a statement from Electronic Arts that only Serie A teams (not all) will be included in the game. A change of plans that harms the Botafogo and their fans.
  • Moreover, Botafogo reports that it has signed an agreement with Konami and will be in Pro Evolution Soccer 2016. The game’s release date is scheduled for September.
  • Marketing department.


With narration by Tiago Leifert and comments by former player Caio Ribeiro Brazil, FIFA 16 it will be released in America and Europe on 22 and 24 September respectively, for PC platforms, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3.

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