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Albion Online Has A Character Builder For Future Equipment Builds

How do you want to develop your hero in Albion Online? What equipment should he wear? With what others are running around like this? Answers to all the questions are given by the Character Builder. Albion Online, Sandbox-MMORPG by the developer and publisher Sandbox Interactive, has been released for over a week now. Unlike most other MMO genres, this game […]

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Buying Cheap Albion Online Gold On UPAlbion Is Your Best Decision

Albion Online, the innovative MMO from the German studio Sandbox Interactive, has been deliberately designed to promote guilds, alliances, farming and group dungeon explorations: in short, team play. So when you are in game, you must need much cheap albion online gold to compete quests and continue the game. In order to give you reliable logistic support, UPAlbion offers a […]

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Albion & Galahad Brings New User UI And New Biome Cities

Due to the release date of Albion Online is now approaching, the developers are still frantically working to make the PvP fantasy game the best that it can be. Much-anticipated Galahad update has already been revealed, which contains extremely widespread changes for the beta. Galahad mainly brings a brand-new user interface designed, compared with previously version, it looks a lot […]

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