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FIFA 15: Bayern Training Much Joy

We UTfifa15coins are selling Fifa Coins, if you want to buy FIFA 15 coins, you can contact us on our site. Recently, according to Bild, it reported that in the training before the German Cup against Brunswick, Bayern goalkeeper Neuer also plays a game that girl often plays. As we all know, the players are usually to complete a number […]

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FIFA15: Why They Are In the TOTW List

Well, the weekly FIFA 15 Coins is out and you are now available to challenge them in FUT 15. As we do our TOTW prediction every week, this time so many players are missed. So we have some more work to do to analyze why EA turns their head to these players. Whatever, the new TOTW is still popular to […]

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Football Star Net Worth Rankings From FIFA 15

We UTfifa15coins are selling Fifa Coins, if you want to Buy Fifa Coins, you can contact us on our site. Recently Goal has done a survey on net worth top twenty football players. Real Madrid’s top player C Ronaldo ranked first with a net worth of 210 million euros. Barcelona Diego Lionel Messi ranked in second place with 200 million […]

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FIFA 15: Barcelona Spanish kings cup final

Spanish king’s cup semi-final game for two times, after Barcelona away to a 3-1 victory over villarreal, with a total score of 6-2 final. Bilbao’s 2-0 victory over Spain, to final total score 3 to 1. Final will be held at the end of Beijing time on May 31, and by Barcelona against bilbao. Barcelona victory were mixed, although the […]

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‘FIFA 15’ – Who will win the duel

Dani Alves, Munir, Messi and Neymar versus Piqué, Rakitic, Jordi Alba and Bartra. This was the matchup for the new FIFA15. EASports brought eight Bar?a players together a few days ago to take part in a four-on-four match that was fun and entertaining, as well as highly competitive. The eight players went to La Masia to test out the game, […]

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