ESO: Morrowind – 10 Tips For The Ideal Adventure In Game

Morrowind, the first new chapter for The Elder Scrolls Online, has been released and attracts newcomers and veterans alike to Vvardenfell. But how do you start as a newcomer optimally into the adventure ESO? 10 official tips from the developers tell you!

The Elder Scrolls Online plays a little different than many of the usual MMOs. As a result, new players are often confused and do not understand how to level up in ESO Skills or how the crafting runs. And how does the combat system and why suddenly chase me all the NPCs?


All these things and much more are also up to date in Morrowind. And since you can play Morrowind unrelated to the regular ESO, the developers have published a guide with 10 tips and tricks that will benefit all newcomers.

ESO Morrowind – 10 tips for the ideal new entry!

The following 10 advices come directly from the developers of ESO Morrowind – and they need to know:

  • Equip as many Skill Lines as you can fit into your quicks. You only get XP points for skills and skill lines, which you actually have active in your quick track.
  • Try all weapons and armor. This is the only way to make sure you are able to level the Skill Lines and gain the basic skills.
  • Take all additional Skill Points. To learn your skills, you need many Skill Points. Since you get only a few on level-ups, you should also use alternative sources for such points by gathering Skyshards, completing unique quests, completing dungeon group events, and increasing your Alliance Rank in PvP.
  • Eat and drink! If your character takes a food or drink, he gets a buff. So never play hungry!
  • Build your ow-level gear yourself. Since you need a lot of items to fully equip you, you should build a basic armor and weapons yourself at the beginning of the game, unless you find a matching item. Up to level 14, you do not need any further crafting skills.
  • Heavy Attacks regenerate resources! Contrary to the first guess, Heavy Attacks will not cost you Stamina or Magicka. Rather, you get energy back through such attacks.
  • Upgrade Bank and Inventory space. The Banker (entrance to Vivec City) and the Pack Merchant (Canton of St. Olms in Vivec City) can increase your storage space. This is very necessary, because you really find a lot of loot in ESO.
  • Useful travel options. To reach important places, you do not necessarily have to go there. You can also visit places like Balmora or Sadrith Mora with boatswains or the Silt Striders.
  • Break up everything you do not need! If you find an object you do not need, do not throw it away and do not sell it. Rather goes to a Crafting Stations and dismantles it. So you get valuable resources and experience points in the crafting profession.
  • Watch where you swing your sword! In ESO, you can hit all NPCs with your attacks by default. This, however, makes you look up and call the local guards, who will then look for you and make a lot of money when she gets you. If you prefer not to hit innocent people, this “Prevent Attacking Innocents”option is set in the Gameplay settings.

So much to the official tips of the developers to Morrowind. Do you still have your own advice for newcomers? Then visit for more news and buy cheap eso gold here!