FIFA 15 Top Features: Extra High, Advanced, Improved, Emotional

It’s no doubt that FIFA Ultimate Team is the most popular and interesting soccer game for fans all over the world. FIFA accomplishes its promise for bringing new features and enhanced dynamics in every edition. It comes with more indulging game play for soccer lovers across the world. The new edition, FIFA 15 also increased the expectations of soccer lovers and the game met their expectations in a well manner. Here we describe a few important features of the game.


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Top Features of FIFA 15: Extra High, Advanced, Improved, Emotional


Extra High Features and Viewing

FIFA 15 developers have taken all the efforts to make the game closer to reality. And, you can experience it in the cheering of crowd that change according to the game conditions, teams, place, the setting and the way a team advances over the other. Other details are highly remarkable such as wear and tear of the ground, visible footmarks during the rain, etc that gives more real time viewing experience.


Advanced skills and tactics

The latest edition features advanced skills on players to match the real world standards and also offers scopes for improvement with practice and time. The new edition has refined team strategies that are flexible to change according to the situation. The game has been changed from being a computer controlled team strategy into a more challenging and fun game. The opponent’s gaming strategy is limited to change based on whether they are close to one goal down or up.


Improved Dribbling and Tackling

Two of the most precise and important actions of a football player involve dribbling and tackling. These have been improved by a wide margin and it is now possible for players to control the ball even during very slow speed with great finesse. The top players like Messi or Ronaldo can do it with much more finesse as compared to other players and this makes tackling them tougher. On the other hand, great defenders in the real world have an edge over the attackers, due to advanced tricks and side shots that they can execute to take the ball. The game has undergone a lot of change for good in these fronts.


Emotional Power of Players

The latest FIFA versions equip the players with emotional intelligence allowing them to react differently to different situations on and off the field, which is unique for each one. It brings the game closer to reality. The human side in the matches will be revealed when they score a goal, concede a penalty, get hurt, get a card and every other occasion which requires a show of emotion in the real world.