Forza Horizon 4 from Jaguar C-X75 very good photography

Forza Horizon 4 is not only a thrilling racing game, but also some recreational activities, such as photography. In the official forum, some good works are collected every week for selection. The best photos will be displayed to all players simultaneously when they are updated.

Earlier today, some players uploaded their own works in the forum. It looks very beautiful. The player said that it can be a good lock screen image. Is it perfect for evaluation? Next, we will show it.

Jaguar C-X75 from target-dude
Many players are amazed at the author’s photography skills and consider it to be the perfect shot since the Winter Championship. Some players suspect that the author is shooting with 4K, but it is not, just normal 1080P, if you want good photos, then I suggest you look for good photo settings and unique scenes.

If you don’t set the camera’s parameters, don’t worry, the author shares his settings, you can refer to it first.

Camera parameter settings:
Vignette:20, sepia:5, temperature:-35, brightness:37, color:45, contrast:55, exposure:60. everything else is variable.

Today’s sharing is here, you can talk to target-dude if you have any questions. If you want to use some rare vehicles to shoot unique scenes, you can log in to U4N, I believe that some rare vehicles there will like you.

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