Light and dark Symphony “Revelation Online” new appearance gorgeous debut

No bound 3D fantasy masterpiece “days encyclical” fashion, has always been the focus of encyclical tyrants are concerned, 4K high-definition picture quality with PBR rendering technology, showing a perfect color texture materials. The new appearance of light and shadow fashion, but also to show this feature most vividly, the perfect blend of light and dark, the formation of highly impact visual effects, bringing a dedicated Yunying Symphony of light and shadow.

Beautiful with elegant temperament

Light and dark appearance, to the king of black and white color as the keynote, its design includes the clouds, wings, accessories and other elements, the integration of a large number of unique oriental culture, such as wings braided shawl, female models gorgeous accessories and armor , Men’s fashion carved clouds and so on, not only highlights the wearer’s elegant temperament, but also faintly revealing an elegant aristocratic demeanor. Which male models stand-up jacket plus trousers design, filling the men’s capable and handsome; women’s body with a dress style Qipao dress will be the temptation of the woman’s curves unfold; Meng Meng’s LORI body fashion, using the integrated Of the dress, highlighting the little girl’s cute and lovely.

Light and shadow interlaced exclusive accessories gorgeous appearance

Like the appearance of other series, the appearance of light and dark series, also has its own exclusive accessories, light decoration and dark ornaments are two elves-style suspension, with light and dark theme, just a black and white, one Only a ghost wizard and a little angel, their appearance is not only round Meng adorable, there are their own unique dynamic effects, dark ornaments decorated with black gas winding, will release the blazing flame effects, and light decoration is like a small call Angel, waving staff will bring a gorgeous star, with their respective themes fashion, can be said to complement the icing on the cake.

Unique wings Angels dance with the devil

Light and dark series appearance, although the design is the same pulse, but their main tone is diametrically opposed, such as the light of the wings of the wing cape, gold feathers woven, with white fashion theme, the formation of the holy noble Of the visual effects, reminiscent of the angel and the Light; Dark Sutra is the point of the black ink, such as black Dai Yu, filling the little devil and dark Queen style. So the two wings unique fashion, but also uses the angel wings and small devil bat wing design, not only complement each other with the fashion theme, but also the characteristics of their fashion show perfect, people in the angel and the devil, light and dark Qi Wu In the endless indulgence.

When the light and dark perfect blend together, the clouds of the world’s doors are open for you, let us meet December 16 “industry video cycle” piece of information, in the “encyclical” Oriental fantasy world, start a Fantastic adventure.

“Days encyclical” by NetEase Pangu studio developed a large non-binding 3D fantasy MMOPRG. The design of 16.17 million square meters of seamless map, day and night alternately, picturesque; innovation RPG battle mode, the integration of the traditional RPG combat mode, the integration of the traditional RPG combat mode, Action elements, emphasizing take place with, and bring the player a very challenging super copy, thousands of people with the screen of the territory of the passion battle; game also designed a dual flight, the role of private customization, trade union construction and other rich system play. Rich in content, naturally great to play!

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