Most of Destiny’s 1.0.3 Patch Pertain to The Dark Below expansion

Bungie confirmed before that Eris Morn will be added with the expansion. You’ll be taking story quests, some Exotic weapon bounties and more from here. Three quest names are available, possibly for the story quests. The Dark Below, Ritual of Sacrifice and Fist of Crota.

Most of Destiny’s 1.0.3 Patch Pertain to The Dark Below expansion

A few bounties are also going to be available through her. All involve killing Hive in various locations, there is one very interesting bounty however titled “Cut Them Down”, which – according to its description – involves using a sword to kill some Hive.

Eris will also sell Exotic class armour: Warlock Bond, Hunter Cloak and Titan Mark.

Two new Legendary upgrade materials are also included, though we do not know what they’ll be used for just yet. They’re Radiant Energy and Radiant Shard. There are also mentions of four new materials, Dried Crimson, Embers of the Lesser, Seething Mist and Crux of Crota, which we covered earlier.

This morning we learned about Fang of Ir Yût, one of the new weapons. But there are others as well, in fact, there’s a whole list of them on Planet Destiny.

There are also a few details of some possible upcoming PVP modes. They appear to be more tactical as they’ll only count kills and won’t feature a radar. The mode names are Inferno Control, Inferno Clash, Hardcore Salvage, Hardcore Rumble and Hardcore Skirmish.

Some small details from the House of Wolves expansion have also surfaced. They’re only the names of some multiplayer maps, unfortunately. Black Shield, Firebase Thuria, Thieves’ Den, The Timekeeper and Widow’s Court.