Mu Legend Focuses Primarily On Battling Hordes Of Monsters

In Mu Legend, we will return to the mythical continent of Mu in search of adventure, treasure, and fame. The players create their own characters first, and then set off to perform tasks and kill monsters. The gameplay resembles Diablo series and focuses on dynamic fights with large groups of enemies. More latest news and source from here.


The game focuses primarily on battling hordes of monsters. The game starts with creating a character, then we go into the world to seek quests to complete, treasures to find, and enemies to kill. Our achievements are rewarded with experience points for which we develop character skills and teach him/her new ones.

Let’s See Importance Informations About Mu Legend

Extended system of improvements
Areas with groups of small elves, fairies etc
Invasion of monsters with Boss on a random continent
Random monsters, which after killing will leave rare items
Fight on the huge flying dragon between players and monsters
In a random place on the maps world will appear Boss for several groups of gamers
New character – Emphasier, who is a character who will be able to master objects and weapons
Battle of the ship, which will be adapted to PVP, and on which it will be possible to create a trap zone and set a defense line adapted to this mob. These will be small areas of the instance, which will be defeated by the opponent.

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