Mu Legend Was Translated Many Languages And Main Features

In 2011, Mu Legend made its first appearance, Even later, Webzen has, after all, translated many more languages. Apart from English we will also get German, Portuguese, French, Spanish and Polish. It’s said to that cheap Mu Legend Power Leveling for sale at U4GM.


Right now, there are only 4 classes, namely, Dark Lord, Blader, Whisperer and War Mage. Although there are very few classes to choose from, each class can equip different types of weapons to perform differently in game which makes them very versatile. More and more gamers pay more attention to Mu Legend Zen‘s needs.

MU Legend Features
Unreal Engine 3
Various PvP Modes
Prequel of MU Online
Quarter View Gameplay
Features Epic Dungeons
Explosive Action Packed Combat
Various Dungeon Difficulties and Missions
Certain MU Online content will return to MU Legend
The game is to target all players from casual to hardcore
A special randomized dungeon that adjusts to levels
4 Playable Characters (Dark Lord, Whisperer, Blader, War Mage)

All classes have a minimum level of DPS but require players to interchange their classes’ ability to define their role. For example, Dark Lord can change its ability to fit into a tanker role or a healer role. Are you looking forward to getting more latest news about Mu Legend? you can check out here: