NBA 2K17 Brand Badges: Some Tips And Guides To Earn Badges

When it comes to the MyCareer Mode, in total it has 55 badges. Actually, each imbues the player with unique Skill upgrade and unique Personality. Among of these badges, some can be purchased with real money, nonetheless, the ridiculous ones have to be painstakingly earned. It’s said to be that the skills badges has three tiers, Gold, Bronze, Silver. Above them are the Hall of Fame Badges. Aside from these badges is enough attract with many gamers, also including cheap NBA 2K17 MT.


A Reddit user named sushiondeck recently discovered a badge set greater than Hall Of Fame. These are called the Grand Badges. Once unlocked, they provide players with a special meter which results in a temporary uptick in archetype skills.

For a brief period of time, players with a Sharpshooter archetype can’t miss from reasonable distances. Playmakers, Shot Creators, Point Forwards and other archetypes will experience a similar performance boost. Players can only get one Grand Badge per archetype. They can do so by earning all Hall of Fame Badges for that particular archetype. Some say a Gold Badge is also required. Of course, We all deem that NBA 2K17 MT PC is required for each gamers.

Once a Grand Badge is unlocked, a red icon will appear under the player. This will indicate when the performance boost can be activated. Aside from Skills upgrades, gamers also need to develop their character’s demeanor. Listed below are the different Personality Badges which greatly affects a player’s emotional reactions during in-game scenarios:

Legendary Work Ethic: The gym rat of the team.
Reserved: A player who keeps to himself most of the time.
High Work Ethic: Works harder than the typical NBA player.
Friendly: An outgoing player who is well-liked by his teammates.

The All-Time Great Badge can be earned by posting a high FGA to Assists ratio in the last 15 played games. For more NBA 2K17 news, you can keep it right here on: