NBA 2K17 Top 10 Best Player And Its Ratings Prediction

According to the recent report, NBA 2K17’s career mode will allow fans to expand their team up to 36 teams. Within two months to be released, more and more NBA 2K17 details will be brought out. One of the most important thing that the fans concerned is the player rating, especially for NBA 2K17 Myteam mode.

It is the first time to add new franchises and incorporate them into the scheduling, draft, free agency and other complex parts of a league’s off-the-court administration.

Here NBA2KBOX will make a prediction about the top 10 NBA 2K17 players and its possible ratings.

TOP 10

1. Stephen Curry +2

NBA 2K17 Overall Rating Prediction: 94
This season for the Warriors and Curry is already good enough performance although they didn’t win the champion in the final, Curry are the back-to-back MVP and he is young.

2. Lebron James -1

NBA 2K17 Overall Rating Prediction: 93
Cavaliers won the champion finally with Lebron’s awesome performance, he want to tell others that he is still the best player around the world. however, consider Lebron is 32 next year, the NBA 2K17 lower his rating a litter in the upcoming 2K17.

3. Russell Westbrook +3

NBA 2K17 Overall Rating Prediction: 92
Kevin has left and Russell will break out in the next season. he need prove that he can lead the Thunder to better without Kevin.

4. Kevin Durant +1

NBA 2K17 Overall Rating Prediction: 92
Kevin remains one of the best scorer in the NBA 2K16 as well as the upcoming 2k17. with he joined the Warriors, he has to adapt himself to a new team.

5. Klay Thompson +2

NBA 2K17 Overall Rating Prediction: 89
Warriors currently get 69 wins and 9 losses depend on a library of data is not enough, averaging 22.5 points and 43.1% three-point shooting has been the perfect break to score more than 90.

6. Kawhi Leonard +1

NBA 2K17 Overall Rating Prediction: 88
Kawhi is complete player as well as Lebron James, he has good defense and offensive capability.

7. Draymond Green +5

NBA 2K17 Overall Rating Prediction: 87
Draymond is a complete player, he is only 26 and he could be better in the next season,.

8. Kyrie Irving +2

NBA 2K17 Overall Rating Prediction: 89
Kyrie scored the historic 3 points in the last final 7, he may be one of the best PG in NBA 2K17.

9. Chris Paul -1

NBA 2K17 Overall Rating Prediction: 89
Chris still has not reached the Western Conference finals, he is not young and he is not the best PG now.

10. Antony Davis -2

NBA 2K17 Overall Rating Prediction: 90
Davis is a superstar without doubt, but his injury make him uncertainty in the future.

All above is the NBA 2K17 top 10 best player and its ratings prediction in MyTeam. You can make comment below the article while you have different view.