NBA 2K18: The Most Significant Addition To MyCareer Is The Neighborhood

NBA 2K18 is good at integrating random elements into the game, sometimes, even if you are a spectator, you will find yourself enjoying a game. For NBA 18’s mode, the biggest and most ambitious of those modes is MyCareer, which once again focuses heavily on story. The most significant addition to MyCareer is The Neighborhood, a new open world area featuring a variety of different shops and activities.

NBA 2K18

This new open world feels more like an NBA theme park attraction than any sort of living world. The hub does contain some fun distractions, including an arcade, streetball games, and a fully-stocked gym, but you’ll quickly tire of jogging around the same virtual city block endlessly. The Neighborhood is expensive, with most of the fun/cool stuff requiring you to shell out gobs of Virtual Currency (VC), which can be bought with real-world money. You can go to website for more details about the Neighborhood.

This year, a full story has been added to MyGM – it isn’t as flashily presented as the MyCareer story, but it may be more interesting, with more opportunities for player choice. MyLeague presents a more bare-bones franchise mode, but the ability to play with up to 29 other folks in a competitive league will be of interest to true NBA nerds. NBA 2K franchise has been pushing the entire sports genre forward with its cutting-edge AI, wide array of modes, and new concepts.

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