Poe 3.6 Maps Changes

Maps are definitely the principal variety of endgame content in Path of Exile. By putting them inside a mapping machine, maps might be eaten to build a randomized instance by which monsters could be fought. Like products, they come in regular, magic, scarce, and unique rarities and also have their own personal exclusive affixes. Affixes on maps can make them extra tough but additionally raise their opportunity rewards. Maps also can have quality, which might be lifted by utilizing a Cartographer’s Chisel. Map drops are certainly not affected by party size

Atlas of Worlds
The Atlas of Worlds is actually a visualization on the aspiration worlds which are opened by activating maps, how these worlds are joined as well as the way they progress in direction of the center. The Atlas is divided into 4 quadrants which may be entered via a tier one map, just one in each corner on the Atlas. These tier 1 maps start dropping in Act eight. In the event, the participant progresses by the maps, their tiers – and issues – will increase. The Atlas also shows spots influenced from the Shaper as well as the Elder, that have an opportunity to fall Shaper or Elder Path of Exile items that have their own one of a kind affixes. Once the Elder zone grows massive sufficient, 5 maps while in the Elder-influenced region could have the Elder plus the Elder Guardians changing the bosses.
Changes: The Atlas of Worlds has been shuffled. Most maps have changed tier and location within the Atlas.

Atlas Objectives
Atlas objectives are markers on the Atlas of Worlds that show that a specific master is in that map and available with a mission.
Changes: Atlas Objectives now have a 20% chance to appear (from 16.6%).

Caldera map
The foundations employed to generate monsters in endgame maps are already appreciably reworked and rebalanced all around the speed at which we are expecting gamers to reliably clear out the map. Generally speaking, slender, linear maps will incorporate less whole monsters than maps with complex layouts. We’re going to be intently monitoring and adjusting the harmony of this change and anticipate to produce additional improvements and enhancements more than time. Improved the layout and visuals of the Caldera map, and added new minibosses.

Changes: Hideouts will no longer appear in areas where the Monstrous Treasure prophecy has triggered.

Changes: The bonuses granted to upgraded Breachstone areas (from It That Fled’s Research bonus) have been reduced. Tul’s, Esh’s and Xoph’s upgraded Breachstones have had their increases to experience gain reduced to 100% for all tiers (from progressive growth per tier up to 250%). Uul-Netol’s upgraded Breachstone’s experience bonus caps out at 150% (from 300%), and Chayula’s upgraded Breachstone experience bonus caps out at 200% (from 350%). Pack size modifiers for these upgraded Breachstones have been reduced to 20/40/60% (from 35/70/100%). All Pure Breachstones have had their area levels reduced by 1. Charged and Enriched Chayula Breachstones have also had their area levels reduced by 1.

Hall of Grandmasters
Changes: Updated a number of Grandmasters found in the Hall of Grandmasters unique map.