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Destiny: “House of Wolves” May Add a New Social Space

There has been so much information coming out on Destiny‘s “House of Wolves” expansion that I feel like I’ve already played it. But, that hasn’t stopped Reddit user megamanexe4, the person behind the previous info leaks, from posting even more uncovered data onto the internet. Apparently, megamanexe4 found an image that seems to indicate a new social hub will be […]

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Second Set Of DLC The House of Wolves Expansion From Destiny

Over the past few weeks, Bungie has let loose some alleged details regarding the missions and locations available in the expansion, such as a playable social area in the Reef, similar to the Tower. However, it appears that Bungie had already revealed the Reef was a playable area in 2013, during Destiny‘s original announcement. During Destiny‘s announcement video, Bungie’s co-founder […]

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Update introduced a new bug which include maps and weapons changes from Destiny

The heavy ammo bug has been fixed in the new 1.1.1 update, which also includes new weapon balancing and changes to the weekly heroic strike. Matchmaking is now mandatory for the missions, while the Iron Banner playlist now contains smaller maps in its rotation. Bungie promised that changes first planned for Iron Banner events were to be included in the […]

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Bungie Reveals Players Missed a Chestin The Vault Of Glass From Destiny

If you thought you’d discovered everything there is to discover in Destiny power leveling, think again. Bungie have revealed in a Twitch stream that Destiny still houses many secrets – one of which being a Chest still hidden within the depths of the Vault of Glass. Rob Adams (Lead World Artist), Gavin Irby (Senior Raid Designer), and Eric Osborne joined […]

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Destiny Share These same concepts could easily be applied

After the debacle of The Dark Below expansion’s economy, which reset progress on weapons, the game could honestly use some cohesive form of community feedback that doesn’t involve forums exploding with anger when an update is released and then weeks of grousing about how Bungie should have implemented changes. The reactions to the upcoming weapon changes are another example. Destiny […]

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Released Was The Fallen-Focused House Of Wolves From Destiny

Until now, the only confirmed piece of add-on content for Destiny yet to be released was the Fallen-focused House of Wolves, the game’s second expansion. However, at Activision’s earnings call yesterday, the publisher revealed that there’s a lot more to come as we reach deeper into 2015. CEO Eric Hirshberg said: “We have a second [Destiny] expansion on the way, […]

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