The All Star Team of FIFA 16

I believe that EA should add a Nike all-star team considering the fact that there is an Adidas All-star team. It would add a bit more rivalry and fun to the game and just think of it. Having ronaldo , neymar , iniesta , zlatan and etc all on the same team, so it’s important to get your Fifa coins ready. It should be one of the unlockables on the EA catalogue and i really think it could push the amount of intensity in the game.

Secondly for career mode and also for creating a pro, EA should take more advantage of those next gen consoles. Ea should use the xbox one camera and PS4 camera for facial scanning when creating a pro. The cameras could scan the facial structure of the player and use it for creating the pro.


It saves lost of time when creating a pro and it can help fifa fans create the most realistic figure of themselves and just be blown by the amount of prediction and and realistic similarities that could increase the amount of fans that play career mode. Also in player career mode EA should add individual awards like the ballon d’or and golden shoe that can make the game more real.

Lastly this may not be a big deal for everybody but why is Messi always on the cover of fifa. its always MESSI !! WHY NOT RONALDO OR BALE OR NEYMAR OR NEUER!! I believe that the winner of the ballon d’or for that certain year should be on the cover of fifa it just sounds more fair and better. That means that for Fifa 16 I should see Cristiano Ronaldo on the cover like seriously EA that should change. I respect and love messi alot but i believe it time for someone else the take the cover.

Overall I enjoy Fifa alot and fut16coin love the way EA has developed the game for fans of football. Im a die hard football fan and im very happy of how EA brings the game to me and all other football fans. I hope EA take my suggestions and try to put then in Fifa 16 but for Fifa 15 I really felt the game.