What Are Your Greatest Madden Franchise Stories

A lot of people are concerned about Madden 18 for a long time, and enjoy this game. Madden 18 also brings people some fun and experience. Share what are your greatest Madden Franchise stories.

Most of players liked what Madden did with their franchise and thought it got better from what we got in Madden. Things got better and on the right path, then they decided to retool everything again and idk.

Image resultOne person said:” I played a whole 18 year career with the Browns as QB. Went 268-62 as my career record, I recorded every single game results and won 7 Super Bowls out of 8, played Andrew Luck and the Colts 25 times in my career and went 14-11. Broke every QB record there is to hold. I also recorded every Super Bowl and who ended up winning. I recorded who I threw a TD pass too and how many times, all the QBs who beat me, my home and away Win Loss Record. I recorded my all game winning drives(80). I recorded who won the MVP that year and I did end up playing all 330 games. I’m thinking about doing a new franchise mode in Madden 18.” This is a loyal fan.


” My biggest rivals throughout my franchise thus far have been the Falcons, Buccs, Dolphins, and Eagles. The game must have picked up on my Dolphins rivalry because I’ve played them almost every season for the past seven-eight seasons, and nearly every one was in Prime Time.” One player said.

I haven’t started a player career yet(it’s next after I’m done with my current CFM) but I have one career mode where I play every single game except for preseason games and I have another where I sim every single game. Both are fun and I like it alot more than simming a couple games and playing a couple games. I play games I think are key, like if we are 8-4 and just outside of the wildcard or barely holding it. I only play every game when I am on a really bad team, I realised that it helps to do that because it helps them increase their overall.


Each year adds slight changes. A jump from madden 16 to 18 would probably give the feeling of a whole new game. If you want to experience this game, then you can buy cheap Madden 18 coins on U4GM.