Who Is The Runescape Top Warring Clans

Today we welcome Runescape to our group of fan sites, who are well on their way to becoming officially recognised. ScapersDen host the ever useful JTalk, a tool that makes it easier to see what individual JMods are talking about, whether it’s on Twitter or the forums. If you haven’t already, give JTalk a go.

Runescape top warring clans

Moving onto clan-related news, the Allied Warring League is going great guns as clans fight for greater glory. The current top warring clans are:

Gamer’s Grotto:

1st Wicked Fury with 14 points
2nd Legend Crashers with 9.5 points
3rd Divine Resilience with 9 points

Rated Clan Wars:

1st Wicked Fury with 10 points
2nd Legend Crashers with 8 points
3rd Divine Resilience with 4 points


1st Wicked Fury with 13 points
2nd Phoenix Rising with 10 points
3rd Realm of Gods with 4 points

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